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Mini Truck Specifications and Information
All About Mini Trucks!
Japanese mini trucks are the most affordable 4WD light utility vehicle on
the market.  The Japanese mini truck is the ideal choice for people looking for total flexibility, day-to-day reliability, low running costs and real value for the money.  Featuring a 1500 lbs load capacity and large flat deck with drop down sides, the Japanese mini truck is ideal for Farm or horticultural business' as well as Construction sites, Light Manufacturing, Hunting, Corporate & Educational campuses, Hotels, Resorts, Golf courses, Parks and Zoos.  You'll be surprised at the performance and all-round versatility of the 4WD Mini Truck!

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Why are Japanese Mini Trucks so inexpensive?
They are subject to the same strict (and expensive) inspection regulations as all other road-going vehicles in Japan.  This means they must be well maintained. This however, as with all other new vehicles sold in Japan causes a high depreciation rate over the years and eventually Japanese owners will trade a perfectly good vehicle in for a new one, often with very low mileage.  That's what makes them ideal for overseas buyers.
What is a mini truck?
"Mini Trucks" are just that: Small, utility trucks that are used throughout Japan in all sorts of applications (including multi-seat Deck Vans).  From muddy farming workhorses to postal delivery trucks, mobile fruit stands to hauling construction equipment.  Anyone that has visited Japan would surely have noticed the large volume of these convenient small vehicles being used in all facets of everyday life.  Also known as the "K Truck" or in Japanese "Keitora", they are powered by liquid cooled two to four cylinder 550cc or 660cc engines.
Badgerland Mini Trucks & Equipment primarily imports the four-wheel drive versions for off-road applications.  This is because Mini Trucks do not yet meet U.S. safety standards for on-road registration due to their size.
Some Differences
Japanese "K" or "Kei" class trucks are all very similar, but there are some minor differences between manufacturers and year of build:

- Suzuki/Mitsubishi have greater ground
- Daihatsu/Honda have a softer ride.
- Subaru's have rear mounted engine.
In the mid 1990 model year, mini trucks manufacturers went from 550cc motors to the 660cc motor, thus the 660cc are 1990 and newer and the 550cc 1990 and older.  There is no large power deficit owning the smaller 550cc engine.
Typical uses
Mini Trucks are designed to be workhorses for hauling heavy loads in extreme
and adverse environments.  Japan is a mountainous country and the Mini Truck is primarily operated on the twisty, hilly roads (many of which are dirt) and highways of Japan.  Therefore, Mini Trucks come equipped with high-quality and high-performance engines, transmissions, brakes and cooling systems to meet these requirements.  Mini Trucks are designed for comfort and ease of operation. These trucks must be able to do everything from hauling a load of rocks out of a riverbed to transporting an express delivery down a rural road.  They often even substitute as the "family car"!
Who makes them?
Japanese "Kei Class" or "K Class" subcompact trucks are manufactured by major Japanese auto makers such as Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu (Toyota affiliate), Mitsubishi and Mazda.  Mazda trucks are actually manufactured by Suzuki and share most common components with minor cosmetic changes. These rugged trucks have been engineered to provide years of heavy-duty service and are a common site at practically every workplace in Japan.

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